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These headings also provide the outline for this 12 week study.

A systematic study of our beliefs as Christians can provide many personal and practical benefits.

First, Christian beliefs help us make sense of the world we live in. How can we explain the presence of both incredible beauty and ugliness in the world? Why do we see not only supreme goodness but also diabolical evil? A knowledge of basic Christian beliefs helps us wrestle with questions that have baffled people for centuries.

Second, Christian beliefs strengthen our identity in Christ. Our culture urges us to seek our identity in our possessions, our personal achievements or our career. Yet Scripture tells us our identity is not derived from these things. It depends not on how others see us, but on how God sees us. As we learn the essential beliefs of Christianity, we begin to discover who we really are.

Third, Christian beliefs not only guide our thinking but also direct our behavior. In our day we desperately need men and women of integrity, people who are living examples of biblical values. As we learn these essential values, the Holy Spirit gradually transforms us into the likeness of Christ himself. Christian beliefs build Christian character.

Finally, and most importantly, Christian beliefs help us draw near to God. As we look into the Scriptures, we come to know the Author of Scripture. Biblical truths become a window into the heart and mind of God.